Suck it Up Buttercup - New design on a stoneware 16 oz mug - pair with some soup or tea for the per
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The workweek follows an arc that runs from morose Monday, and gradually ascends to a fevered Friday
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Monster Pot Planter Cup and Collectible

$ 17.00
Type: Container
SKU: 1369
Monster pot, monster art and collectibles, ceramic monster, pencil cup, brush holder, planter

Here's an item you won't want to hide under your bed or in your closet. Handmade ceramic monster pot features a jolly horned creation in the style of Tim Burton. Created from earthenware clay and kiln fired, this whimsical guy measures 6.5 inches high and 4inches wide. Drainage holes have been placed in the bottom in case you want to use this vessel as a planter. Otherwise- fill his 

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