Nosh plate, upcycled vintage, Judaica by Lorrie Veasey,Hanukkah
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Matzo plate, Matzo Matzo Man, Matzah plate, Passover, Judaica, Upcycled
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Hamsa Blessing mug, Judaica by Lorrie Veasey

$ 19.00
Type: Mug
SKU: 2334

Contemplate your blessings while enjoying coffee or tea in this mug. The Hamsa is a symbol of protection across all religions. Great gift for a housewarming or anyone with a significant life event.   Interior is a bright blue. This is a handmade mug created from stoneware clay kiln fired to over 1900 degrees. Measures 4 x4 and holds 16 oz- safe to place in the dishwasher or microwave. 

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