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Millennium Falcon Han Solo Eco Travel Mug with Handle
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Chicks Dig You Talking Cereal Bowl Green

$ 24.00
Type: Bowl
SKU: LO-20

Chicks Dig You Talking Cereal Bowl Green is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The new trend in affirmations is letting your cereal bowl do the work. Wake up each morning with the knowledge that Chicks Dig You! This bowl will handle cereal and ego in one shot. It reads: "You're Handsome! You're Strong! You're Charming! You're The Man!", while the bottom says "Chicks Dig You!!," and the front reads "Big Bowl of Self Esteem" Handpainted, it measures 7" in diameter by 3.25" in height. MADE IN THE USA. Chicks dig you talking cereal bowl green made in the USA.

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