Dinosaur T-Rex tepot, tea-rex handmade tea pot large ceramicRawr means it's time for a cuppa! Dinos
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Jesus Teapot Tea for One - What Would Jesus Brew? Funny tea for one setThe answer to WWJB is obvio
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Dr. Who Teapot Tea For One

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Doctor Who Teapot, Tardis tea for one, Wibbly wobbly TEA timey wimey

Hey whovians- don't blink or you'll miss this limited run of Doctor Who TARDIS tea for one teapots that parody the great BBC television show. Great gift for a fan of The Doctor or a geeky tea lover. Reads Wibbly Wobbly TEA Timey Wimey- because no matter where you go on your time travels, it's always tea time somewhere.

Created from earthenware clay, kiln fired to over 1900 degrees and all lead free, non toxic materials. Made to be used and enjoyed. Please do not place on an open flame or stovetop--made to serve and enjoy tea in but not to bring water to a roiling boil within. Safe to place in the dishwasher or microwave.


Teapot 6 x 4.5

teacup 4.5 x 2.5