Mr. and Mrs. Bike mug set-- Give a gift that they will wheelie love. These mugs are handmade in my
$ 24.00

This pair of handmade mugs celebrates my deep love of the 44th President and his amazing wife. Let
$ 24.00

Queen Bee Drone Mug Set

$ 24.00
Type: Mug Set
SKU: 1792

This mug set is sure to cause a buzz. One mug reads QUEEN BEE on the front, the other reads DRONE. A drone bee has one real purpose in its bee life: to mate with the Queen! So this is the perfect gift for a couple who likes to get buzzzzy. Back reads: Buzzy Buzzy Buzzy. These mugs are handmade in my New Jersey studio from stoneware clay kiln fired to over 1900 degrees. Safe to place in the dishwasher and microwave- made to be used and enjoyed. Each mug measures 4 x 3.5 and holds 14 oz. of your favorite coffee, tea or other beverage. 

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