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  • cuppa doodle mommy mug

Cuppa Doodle Mommy Mug

$ 12.00

Product details

Do you recall your mother asking for "one single moment of piece and quiet?" (though possibly involving saucier language?) As we age and slide into parental roles ourselves, we gradually appreciate the real value of that 'one single moment'. For any mommy out there in need of 60 seconds of solitude, let it start be accompanied by this mug that reads: "Mommy" (front), "No Fighting Until After Mommy Has Had Her Coffee" (back) and "You Are Loved" (inner rim). It's part of designer Lorrie Veasey's Cuppa Doodle series, and measures 5.25" L x 3.75" W x 4.5" H, is made of porcelain and holds 16 ounces. Cuppa doodle mommy mug.

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