• Dr. Who Tardis Parody Mug
  • Dr. Who Tardis Parody Mug

Dr. Who Tardis Parody Mug

$ 16.00

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Dr Who Tardis Mug in earthenware- Wibbly Wobbly, Coffee Woffee
The perfect gift for Dr Who Fan, a BBC lover, Don't Blink-or you'll miss this mug!

This handmade mug features a glossy white glaze on the outside, a bright turquoise blue circle and the silhouette of the most famous police box in the history of ever- tardis. The interior is a rich dark blue. Great for coffee or tea, this mug measures 4 x 4 and holds 16 oz.

This is a handmade mug is ready to ship immediately and was created in my New Jersey studio from a local earthenware clay- kiln fired three times to over 1900 degrees. All lead free, eco friendly, non toxic materials were used. This mug is safe to place in the dishwasher and microwave- created to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis.

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