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Game of Thrones Spoon Rest - Direwolf Dinner is Coming

$ 15.00

Product details

Game of Thrones spoon rest, Dinner is coming, House of Stark, Jon Snow home and living, kitchen, ceramics and pottery

I am just like Jon Snow when the kids ask what's for supper...I KNOW NOTHING. Jeepers- why can't they just leave me alone with my Netflix?

This is a handmade ceramic spoon rest that I have created from earthenware clay kiln fired three times to over 1900 degrees. It features a grey/gray circle with the Stark House insignia (Team Ned!) and the text DINNER IS COMING. Please note I did not say when. You'll just have to wait until this Red Wedding is over, OK? Great gift for a Game of thrones fan.

This spoon rest is safe to place in both your dishwasher and microwave. It is made from 100% lead free, non toxic materials. It measures 5 x 1. Made to be used and enjoyed!

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