• Hello Is It Tea Lionel Richie Parody Travel Mug
  • Hello Is It Tea Lionel Richie Parody Travel Mug

Hello Is It Tea Lionel Richie Parody Travel Mug

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Hello is it tea you're looking for ? Lionel Richie Mug Travel Mug with Lid This mug is created from earthenware and has a handle, ships with hard plastic lid with open and close feature

Handmade Ceramic Travel Mug featuring Lionel Ritchie ( who some of you may only know him as Nicole's dad.) and the words HELLO is it tea you're looking for? . This mug is a tribute to the HELLO music video which was popular back when MTV played music videos, in which a blind girl sculpts her teacher's face in clay while he looks on and sings. Yeah- I know, that's not creepy. They just don't make 'em like they did in the 80s!!

This is a hand painted earthenware ceramic travel mug, created using all non toxic, lead free materials and kiln fired twice to 1900 degrees. It should fit perfectly in your car cup holder. This 16 oz ceramic travel mug has a snug fitting hard plastic lid with an open and close feature.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.

The design for the artwork on this mug was created by THE NICEST AND FUNNIEST GUY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD: Tony, from and his blog Creative Dad is one of the best reads on the internet! This design is used by permission, which just goes to show you there's never any harm in asking for something nicely. Did I mention that Tony is the nicest guy in the world? Please visit his blog and show the man some love,

Each mug is made individually and slight differences are a result of the handmade nature of the piece.

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