Set of Four Silicone Lids for Travel Mug - Choice of Color

$ 6.00
Type: Lid
SKU: 1805-E
SET OF FOUR- Silicone lids for travel mug - sold in pack of 4 - choice of colors- Replacement lids for your lovely mug or cup.
Cup covers keep the dust, pet hair and dander out of drinks.
Made of BPA Free food grade silicone. No smell, durable and safe.
Sip through hole is easy to drink from while on the go.
Fit the container mouth with outer diameter among 88mm~90mm(3.46”~3.54“). 
Please message me if you desire LARGER quantities than sets of 4. I will not sell smaller quantities- sorry. (Shipping costs)

Classic coffee cup lid. Designed with a small hole for air outlet and an opening for drinking.
Tips for purchasing,please carefully measure your mugs before placing an order:

1. Not recommended to use for strainless steel mugs/cups. Only for ceramic,glass,plactic and paper mugs/cups.
2. If you intended to use them on Starbucks mugs with common cup rim/mouth (straight), inner diameter should be about 84-87mm, outer diameter about 89-92mm,thickness about 2-3mm.
3. If you intend to use on cups with special cup rim/mouth(with an extension), inner diameter should be approximately 86-88mm, outer diameter about 90-93mmm, thickness about 1-2mm.

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