To Brie Or Not To Brie Cheese Platter

$ 28.00
Type: Platter
SKU: 1623
To Brie or Not To Brie - That is the question. Tis a noble platter fit for a king (or Queen) that features my parody of this famous soliloquy from Shakespeare's play HAMLET. Makes a great wedding gift for actors or readers, Lords or Ladies, or anyone who loves cheese.
This is a handmade large serving platter that I have created from stoneware clay kiln fired three times to over 1900 degrees. It is safe to place in both your dishwasher and microwave. It is made from 100% lead free, non toxic materials. Oval in shape, it measures 13 1/2 inches long x 9 x 1. Like everything in my shop, this ships immediately- weighs 4 lbs when packaged to ship. 

If sending to a friend please let me know what you would like an enclosure card to read by leaving instructions for me at checkout- I will not include a receipt but I'm happy to add a note from you!