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  • Today's Horoscope Love Tray - Really Great News

Today's Horoscope Love Tray - Really Great News

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If it's love you seek, it's love you'll find. So says this horoscope trinket dish, and horoscopes - studies one day may show - are never wrong. It lays it out like so: "Today's Horoscope: Today will be filled with Love and Romance. Birds will sing, flowers will bloom, and hearts will beat with happiness. You will receive a gift that will make you aware that you are loved and appreciated. It will be a small square dish. You will treasure it and keep it in a special place always. You may even fill it with chocolate, which is officially the next best thing to Love and Romance." Measures 5.25" L x 5.25" W x 1" H.

This item is a commercially produced product, ethically manufactured overseas.

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