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Today's Horoscope Success Tray - Really Great News

$ 6.50

Product details

How do you attract success into your life? Simply demand it of yourself! And if you can't listen to the voice in your own head, listen to this bit of Really Great News from designer Lorrie Veasey, in the form of your daily horoscope. It reads: "Today's Horoscope: Today will be filled with Prosperity and Success. Money will find you and follow you everywhere. It may suggest you go shopping, in which case all signs point to you purchasing a fabulous pair of shoes. You will receive a gift that will make you aware of a great friendship. It will be a small square dish. You will treasure it and keep it in a special place even if it doesn't match your decor. You may even use it to hold spare change, which can later be used to purchase a present for your Special Friend." Measures 5.25" L x 5.25" W x 1" H. Today's horoscope success tray - really great news.

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