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Cereal Killer Bowl

$ 24.00

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Halloween Cereal killer bowl, funny gift, gift for him, blood red splatter, novelty gag gift, pottery and ceramic, horror fan- DL

Dexter always had his wheaties!

Mornings can be murder. Take a shower- then enjoy a bath. A blood bath that is MWAHHAHAHAHA. (sorry- a bit punchy. Stayed up to late binge watching horror flicks and then couldn't sleep)

This is a handmade bowl that I created in my New Jersey studio from earthenware clay kiln fired twice to over 1900 degrees. It features a glossy white glaze with bright red splatter (and remember, every crime scene has it's own individual pattern!) In the bottom is the (outline of a spoon and the words CEREAL KILLER. This bowl measures 6.5 x 3.

Each Bowl has a unique splatter background.  No two are alike!

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