About Us

Lenny is the name of my studio cat. I make the pots and Lenny breaks them: this way I never run out of shelf space.

Lenny is not for sale. Probably not.

I know my shop name makes me sound like a 50 year old man who smokes cigars, but I am a female who is sometimes told that she looks ten years younger than her real age. (My husband says the nicest things in the dark. When he's drunk.) I am the mother to two small, adorable children that I like to call The Spawn. They provide much of the inspiration for my work, as well as for getting out of the house sometimes. ( Like when I realize no one else in the whole house is capable of changing a roll of toilet paper but me. )

I like to make stuff. Sometimes I like to work with clay and other days I like to draw or paint. My darling husband helps me with packing and shipping but i do the rest. Kinda like at home. (I'm kidding, Honey.) (PS: the laundry hamper is located to the right of your dresser. Just sayin.)

My ceramics are made from two kinds of clay: earthenware and stoneware. I use a variety of methods to make the items I sell: wheel thrown, handbuilt and upcycled--as well as a variety of decorative techniques: free hand painting, screened design and design transfers. Regardless of the materials or technique, you can be sure that the item you purchase is 100% lead free and safe to place in the dishwasher or microwave. I work with all non toxic, eco friendly materials and try to purchase from local suppliers whenever possible. Everything is made with Mud, Sweat & Tears...mostly sweat.

You are invited to stalk me on Instagram @lennymud, on Facebook @lennymudpottery or follow me on Twitter @lennymud

And yes, it's ok if you call me Lenny, everybody does.