Heat Miser, Snow Miser, Year Without Santa Claus ornament
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Cat teapot, Kit-tea-cat, small teapot for cat lover
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Vintage upcycled Jewish Holiday Plate, Gut Yontif, Good or Happy Holiday, Yiddish

$ 18.00
Type: Platter
SKU: 2531

Gut Yontif- Yiddish for Good or Happy Holiday.  This is a vintage plate that I have upcycled and altered through several kiln firings. Originally manufactured in Japan it features a colorful floral motif with a gold accent rim.  Some slight original wear to the plate may still show. Gold metallic rim - please do not place in microwave .Food safe, safe to place in dishwasher. ORDER BY DECEMBER 1st for delivery in time for Hanukkah 2023 - which starts December 7th.

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