I am more afraid of the current political situation than I am of any spooky, scary, typical Halloween stuff! To assuage my fears I created my very own miniature protest march using earthenware clay. I fashioned each ghost by hand and added a pink hat to their heads before kiln firing each one twice to over 1900 degrees. Then I added signs like “GHOSTS NOT GUNS” or “PAST LIVES MATTER” to inject a little humor into the scene. The results are haunting. They say the only thing we have to fear is fear itself…but I tremble at the thought of people not showing up on November 6. DON’T BE A GHOST – vote in the mid terms like your life depends on it… (it does!)

The ghosts assemble to march. Ghost Power!!!

Ghosts not Guns!

VOTE…not voting is terrifying!

Resist, Persist and Exist! Don’t be a ghost this November 6!