Bitch tea cup and saucer set, upcycled, sassy teacup and saucer

$ 16.00
SKU: 2272

This upcycled teacup and saucer set features delicate florals and the not so delicate word BITCH. Because we get things done!  It's a salty and sassy way to enjoy your tea. This item was rescued, restored and altered through a ceramic process.  Upcycling prevents items from going into landfills and provides them with a new life! 

This set was originally created from a commercial grade stoneware clay, kiln fired to high temperatures. Design was made using all lead free, non toxic, eco friendly materials. This piece was created for you to use and enjoy on a daily basis.  Made to be used and enjoyed, safe to place in the dishwasher and the microwave.

Teacup measures 3.5  x 3 Saucer measures 6 x 1 H inches Cup holds 8 oz.