F You All, Book Vase, pencil holder, planter, pulp novel parody

$ 19.00
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Pulp Novel parody. Fuck You All, This World is Full of Dipshits and Assholes. Subtitled: How To Casually Judge Ignorant Motherfuckers. Great gift for a salty mouthed person who hates people. This handmade ceramic container is shaped like a book with a vintage pulp novel cover. Use it to hold pens and pencils on a desktop or bedside table, or as a fillable container, or planter (no drainage hole). It is water tight and can be used as a vase.  Handmade in my New Jersey studio from stoneware clay, kiln fired. This piece measures 5 inches tall, 4 x 2. Cover is decoupaged on and sealed with a non yellowing varnish.

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