Zombie Travel Mug, No Brains Before Coffee

$ 20.00
Type: Travel Mug
SKU: 2378

NO BRAINS BEFORE COFFEE. Don't worry if you're dead inside- coffee will bring you back to life. This is a great gift for a zombie lover or Walking Dead fan--a ceramic travel mug that will help you face Monday morning after watching television all Sunday night--the Working Dead. This double walled porcelain cup is eco friendly and features bloody accents- no two are alike.

This is a kiln fired travel mug created using all non toxic, lead free materials and fired twice to 1900 degrees.  This 16 oz. ceramic travel mug has a snug fitting lid with a rubber gasket to help prevent leaks. Lid has open and close feature and is hard plastic., BPA free. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Double walled so your beverage stays hotter longer.